Wednesday, 30 October 2013

An introduction

For murdering fifteen men over a six year period, Dennis Andrew Nilsen was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey in London in November 1983. Currently held at HMP Full Sutton near York, he has been in prison ever since and is unlikely ever to be released.

During his time in prison Dennis - who since early adulthood has called himself 'Des' - has written several volumes of autobiography, in addition to the early notebooks he provided to Brian Masters for the research that led to the first book on the case, Killing for Company. During 2003 and 2004, Dennis sought judicial review of a decision by a prison governor to deny him the right to publish his autobiography, but lost his case.

Despite losing this case, it remains a fact that the voluminous autobiography - which runs to over 1,000 pages - are of significant public, psychological and criminological interest. The purpose of this site is to share salient extracts from these volumes to add to the understanding of how a seemingly ordinary civil servant can commit such horrific acts.

A Wikipedia entry on Dennis Nilsen provides some background to his life and crimes.

Neither this website, nor the associated Twitter account, are endorsed by Dennis Nilsen, the Ministry of Justice, HM Prison Service or any other official.

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